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Cherchez La Femme?


It’s pretty clear that soon-to-be-former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley is going to need more lawyers that he, in years in politics, can count. Apart from the federal investigation, he’s now got trouble with the state.
And there is no way that Shelley only accepted one check one time in his office. No way in hell. It was a habit, the kind that politicians get into when they have been in office and in power for too, too long. You want an argument against term limits? Here’s one. If Shelley had stayed in the Assembly he’d have done a lot less harm and gotten caught a lot faster. This floating from office to office, racking up the campaign contributions, scrambling for favors, eyeballing the next “win-able” contest is not politics as usual. And term limits plays a big role.

Shelley – who is being done in, in part, by his former aide Fred Hamdun — is going to have to resign. The Democrats — Willie Brown and John Burton — who might have been able to protect him aren’t in office anymore. The only real question that’s left is whether Shelley will quit before or after he’s indicted.
In Sacramento, there’s talk of making the job some sort of non-partisan appointment. There’s also talk of giving it to former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery who was a big help – not that he needed it – to the governor in Silicon Valley. Oh, and as there always is in these cases, there’s talk that the dispute between Shelley and Hamdun– who has been complaining bitterly and loudly about Shelley for at least a year — isn’t just politics, it’s personal, and it started with a disagreement that involved a woman.

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