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Catching Up


I’m a bit late in getting to it – and site renovation is only half the excuse – but this week’s column over on is about Creative Commons, its licensing scheme and the political implications.
I haven’t been a fan of the CC crowd for a couple of reasons, the most important being the whiff of nerd-determinism that seemed to get stirred up anytime some TCP/IP junkie uttered the words “intellectual property.” But I’m getting over it.
I’m getting over it in part because the world is catching up to the web and, well, that means me too. It’s still a hard path. I went to a conference on California government and policy on Friday that was more notable for what it didn’t have for a gathering of more than 10 people. There was no wifi, no bloggers, no IRC chat, no social networking gurus, no, well none of the stuff I know now and love or, perhaps more accurately, need to get through my day.
It was a little trip back to the “Old Country” — Washington, D.C. and well, that’s where they still make the rules.
After the eWeek piece appeared, Russell McOrmand wrote to say that CC is now officially up and running in Canada.

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