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The big excitement here in San Francisco – other than the growing conviction that instant run-off voting is a disaster waiting to blow up in the faces of the “progressives” who proposed it in the first place – is the School Board race.
It would nice to say we have a school board race that’s focused on students, quality of education, or, oh, I dunno, decent cafeteria food but no, we have a race about money and power and pretty much anything but the kids.

The SFWeekly took a shot at sorting it all out this week. And The Chron ran a long, long piece. But here’s the deal that neither of them mentions: School Board member Heather Hiles isn’t just any old ambitious politician who has been asked to watch School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s back.
No, Hiles wants to be mayor. That was pretty clear to me when she popped up on a panel hosted last month by the Full Circle Fund talking about education but also touting her business skills and Ivy League degrees.
Hiles’ ambition – which is nothing to be criticized or sneezed at, she’s smart and on-the-ball and I’ve seen worse candidates – puts the knock-down, drag-out fight she’s waged with the Green Party candidates in perspective, doesn’t it? That’s why she’s raised all the money she’s raised: $200,000 and counting. That’s why she’s carefully courting the city’s Asian community. That’s why she’s checking out San Francisco’s new money tech rich. She’s not fooling around.
Hiles is staking out Newsom territory. No surprise she and the Mrs. are good friends. And if the Greens lose their school board seats, they’ll have pretty much lost the city even if they get a seat on the Board of Supervisors. On top of that, once IRV is sent off to the cleaners – this, by the way, will be the national election story out of California so brace yourselves – the party of the hard Left will really fall on hard times.

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