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Apart from the tag-team electioneering that’s going on in District 5 – 50,000 registered voters, 22 candidates – this election has been kind of quiet here in San Francisco.
How come? Voter burn-out, says one local sage. Last year’s mayor’s race and the run-off took their toll on volunteers and the pros. So did the statewide recall of Gov. Gray Davis. The biggest fight is between Newsom’s supporters in the business community and the mayor himself with recently appointed District 7 supervisor Sean Elsbernd caught in the middle.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s support for gay marriage has made him a national political figure, one the Left has to love for his “progressivism.” At the same time he’s a candidate that the right – such as it is in San Francisco and it’s mostly the business community – has to like since, well, since they have no choice. Besides, these days Newsom doesn’t need them. Newsom’s national profile — he’s been on Charlie Rose’s talk show twice, he’s officially anointed as a player — means he’s free from having to answer to various local fundraising coalitions. Newsom doesn’t have a blank check. No politician ever does. But he’s got a long line of credit.
There’s another reason things are quiet. Everyone has – or will soon be – leaving town. They’re going to Nevada and Arizona, to Ohio and Pennsylvania, to Wisconsin and Maine and they’re going to work tirelessly to see that Democratic nominee John Kerry gets elected to the White House. It’s the latest political fad – I know investment bankers who have signed up to walk precincts in St. Louis – and, anecdotally speaking, it’s an impressive effort. Pretty much everyone with a professional interest in seeing Kerry win – and that’s almost all of San Francisco’s political class – getting out of town for the election.
Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t heard the Yahoo ad by Gov. Howard Dean click here. You’ll laugh.
Bob Dole does ads for Viagra, Dean does Yahoo. Tells you something, no?

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