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That’s It?


President George Bush isn’t stupid. And he’s not physically lazy. But he is a go-along guy. An intellectual couch potato. Someone who really doesn’t question the assumptions made by those around him and who is perfectly happy to let others do the hard thinking to make decisions. Lots of people go through life this way. It’s served him well, much better than anyone who knew him as a younger man ever expected.
Which is probably why my reaction to his acceptance speech last night can be summed up in one little word: So?

Is that it? When Kerry gave his acceptance speech, I thought he sounded like President Reagan: American glory, fiscal responsibility. Listening to Bush, I kept thinking – again – I was in the same kind of time warp, listening to any number of lack-luster Democrats tell me what government would do for me once he got to be president. David Brooks said in Sunday’s New York Times magazine that the era of small government was over. No joke. Bush likes these laundry lists. They bore me in part because they sound – regardless of whose mouth they come from – like pandering promises to get voters. And, well, we didn’t get a lot out of that pile of promises last time. Remember the immigration stuff? Defeated by his own party on that.
On top of that, I’m still thinking – and everybody’s still talking – about Georgia Sen. Zell Miller’s little diatribe. And it doesn’t help, of course, that my opposition and sadness about the war in Iraq grows every day. The U.S. has made a mess in the Middle East and it’s gonna take what feels like forever to get it straight. And I don’t think – and Bush didn’t really articulate – a plan for what’s gonna happen next.
The problem, being a Democrat, of course, is that Kerry’s been only marginally better as a campaigner. I’m going to vote for him because I think he’ll craft a smart and sophisticated foreign policy that’ll be more brain less brawn. But I wish he’d stop listening to consultants for a change, stop refighting the Vietnam War and stand up for something before it’s too late.

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