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This week’s eWeek column is an interview with Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, who talks about why tech should re-elect President George Bush. You can compare it to last week’s chat with another venture capitalist, Mark Gorenberg, if you’re still undecided.
Draper’s a life-long Republican and, like the president, holds a Harvard MBA, so his talk is that of a businessman. And he does a nice job of emphasizing some of the thoughts I had listening to Bush’s acceptance speech before the Republican National Committee about how the Bush folks are making progress on changing tax and benefits structures for independent business people. It’s important, these changes in medical insurance, health care benefits, and tax law; it will help entrepreneurs and small business people because today’s tax and benefit structure assumes most of us work for large corporations.
And yes, some of these proposals that Bush now endorses started out as Democrats’ ideas. But you know what the say about the difference between good writers and great ones? The great ones steal.
UPDATE: Both Mark Gorenberg and the San Francisco Chronicle provided more campaign data over the weekend.

Gorenberg, who is Kerry’s California Finance Chairman, was responding to comments I made in eWeek about overall – not just Silicon Valley – support among tech folks for Bush which appears to have slightly increased. He wanted to make sure readers knew that Kerry’s support is very strong in Silicon Valley and, in fact, in all of Northern California.
Here are his numbers:
Kerry Bush Area
$2,440,120 $1,024,605 North Silicon Valley
$3,569,625 $568,871 San Francisco
$823,976 $143,505 Palo Alto
$180,495 $60,687 San Mateo
$1,267,725 $703,208 East Bay
$984,357 $98,230 Oakland
$1,270,583 $23,235 Berkeley
$57,069 $7,365 Richmond
$1,606,717 $346,643 Marin County
$838,415 $395,473 Santa Clara
$365,279 $203,566 San Jose
$13,404,361 $3,575,388 Bay Area Total

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