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Summer Reading


I’m going to sign off for the weekend now. Unless something really dramatic happens, I won’t be back until Monday afternoon. This political season promises to be a busy one. We can all use a little rest.
So here’s some thoughtful political reading for the long three-days of end-of-summer. The New York Times Book Review, which under Sam Tanenhaus has been consistently better and smarter and more critical, asked the prolific Judge Richard Posner, a University of Chicago professor to review – as a book – the 9/11 Commission report. I’m about half-way through and Posner, not surprisingly, has some interesting and smart things to say. I don’t agree with all he says – so far – but it’s food for thought and I’m all for that wherever I can find it.

On the other side, The New York Review of Books, asked long-time Washington reporter Elizabeth Drew to do the same for them and, like Posner, she uses her reading of the findings to do a little supplementary reporting and launch on an analysis of what’s gone on so far. Thomas Powers’ review of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s findings and Arthur Schlesingers’ take on the various Bush books, including one smaller title by a Frenchman — imagine that — are also worthwhile.
See you after the holiday!

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