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Immigration Muscle


By contrast, Gov. Terminator’s speech was positively cheery, no? Well, that’s our governor: a fun loving money-making moderate.
His invitation for immigrants like him to join the Republican Party was broad and inclusive and as moving – in its freemarket way – as soon-to-be-Sen. Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention. Oh, and this is no accident, this is a powerful fight for new new Americans, make no mistake, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the years to come.

Only one problem: Where’d all those white people come from? BoiFromTroy swears minority representation is up – and last night’s camera shots showed that the Republicans know how to get the right bodies on the floor when they need them – but man, that’s a lot of pale faces, not the folks from the Phillipines, Ivory Coast, and other countries who Schwarzenegger was inviting to join the Republican party.
I have a Tivo – very convenient for West Coast political writing, by the way – so I watched Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show just afterwards. Stewart called the crowd “Dove Bar, well moisturized white…I guess what I’m trying to say: They’re Pillsbury Fresh.”
UPDATE:National Review editor Larry Kudlow says Schwarznenegger has emerged as the next Republican to watch with “ringing optimism, a vision of muscular Republicanism.” And he’s not too bothered by that little problem Gov. Terminator might have with the constitution. Interesting, no? Link courtesy of Dan Weintraub who points out that more people watched Arnold than watched John Kerry or, Republicans can only hope, Zell Miller.

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