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Greetings Quattrone Searchers


That loud noise you heard was the sound of a large, heavy book being thrown at Frank Quattron by a cranky, long-established federal judge. Quattrone’s gotten 18 months, according to the WSJ, longer than anyone officially anticipated. It’s a sad end to what would — greed and hubris having not gotten in the way — have been a spectacular career.
For those of you new to this site, welcome. Our normal editorial diet is business and politics from a California and Silicon Valley perspective. If you’re interested in Quattrone – and who isn’t really? – you’ll find this site fun and interesting.

Today, however, you Quattrone searchers have specific needs. Here are the links you’re looking for:
All entries on Frank Quattrone. UPDATE:The stories that first appeared in the New York Post are now integrated with the entries made on this website. They are ordered by date and searchable.
The “Smoking Email” story that eventually led to his indictment.
The “Friend of Frank” story that first reported on those special IPO accounts.
And if, dear reader, you happen to be working press and you’re dipping into this archive to fill in a few blanks and ‘cause, well, you like to come directly to the source, thanks. Nice of you. But please be kind enough to leave a few bucks in the tip jar over there where it says “PayPal.” The search fees alone on days like today get a bit pricey.

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