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Dreams May Come True/It Could Happen to You


Hey kiddies.
We’re young! Buried deep, deep, deep in a New York Times story about efforts to get young people to register to vote comes a glancing mention of Jim and James’ campaign. Of course, this being the New York Times they had to be coy about what – exactly – does settling for calling it “a popular youth Web site at which people post photographs of themselves that are rated on a ‘hotness’ scale.”
The New York Times: possibly the only paper in the country where editors makes you define “hot.”

Okay, enough dumping on the Times. We have serious business here. Like reminding you that we can each win $100,000 just for being registered voters. Click here. Just thinking about winning puts a little lift in my step. I feel as “young” as the Times seems to think I am which is always good although, sad to say, increasingly rare.
The piece provides an interesting contrast, however, between what the various “youth” groups and other political organizers, anxious to get young folks to register and vote have been doing and similar efforts among minority communities by stodgy little community like San Mateo County which, coincidentally I wrote about in today’s eWeek column.
The San Mateo folks have found that a little hand-holding goes a long way so that’s what they’re doing, getting people with similar backgrounds to talk to their peers. Now, I’m not dissing James and Jim or any of the other efforts to get young folks to vote but clearly – since young voters aren’t turning out as they should – its time to stop giving away slushies and concert tickets and find a way to get young voters to take other young voters to the polls.
Then again, maybe someone already has.

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