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Night of the Living Dead


This may be the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me: I agree with Pat Buchanan.
Really. I do. I agree with racist, anti-Semitic, nasty, mean-tempered, former Nixon speechwriter and former nutcase presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. I’m terrified.
Buchanan’s written a new book “Where the Right Went Wrong” – okay, so I’d quibble with the title – saying that the war in Iraq was and is wrong, that the invasion had nothing to do with fighting terrorism or the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center and that um, it’s ultimately all George Bush’s fault. Ever loyal, Father Pat blames the neo-cons in the Pentagon just like the Liberals.

Buchanan’s playing the class card; a good Irish fightin’ man like himself doesn’t want anything to do with those fancy boys from Yale and Harvard, you can count on that. And yeah, it does matter to him that many of them are Jews. That’s not an attitude that should be overlooked. But the results of Buchanan’s political reasoning can’t really be faulted. I’m telling you; this is like being in a Vincent Price movie and falling in love with the monster.
Conservatives like Buchanan have always prided themselves on clear, tough thinking. They’re the original “life’s tough, get over it,” crowd. And I, grudgingly, have some sympathy for that argument. It’s worthy of a certain kind of admiration. Most of those guys – they’re guys almost all of ‘em – live by that code. And I’m a San Francisco Liberal but I’ve got some sense of how the real world works. But still. Agreeing with Pat Buchanan? This, my friends, this is possibly the oddest and truest measurement of just how bad it’s gotten. I agree with Pat Buchanan. And he, it seems, agrees with me.

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