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Uglier and Uglier


The coming clash between New York’s finest and San Francisco-style smart-mobbing SMS-driven protesters is shaping up and, well, it’s no prettier than it was last week.
Today, the San Francisco Chronicle does a good job of demonstrating that West Coast protestors, unfamiliar and clearly not too concerned about New York’s semi-permanent siege mentality, don’t know what they’re up against – really.
The difference in styles between New York-style marching around and San Francisco are pretty big.
Suffice it to say that New Yorkers aren’t in very good moods latelyand that particularly includes the city’s cops, many of whom had friends and colleagues die when the World Trade Center collapsed and who participated in the city’s frantic and futile efforts to rescue those trapped. It’s really hard to describe these sentiments – or to appreciate the powerful emotion behind them – unless you’ve spent time in the city.
But this much is still true: It doesn’t take much on a hot summer day to get people bent out of shape. Not much at all, just a little heat, some harsh words and a little broken glass. That’s why, of course, the Republicans shouldn’t be going to New York. It’s a bad, clumsy attempt to play politics with a subject that’s too raw with too many people for too many different reasons.
UPDATE:No fooling. Salon has a piece on New York in lock-down and The NYPost says Mike Wallace got arrested for arguing with a cop. Yes, that Mike Wallace, the one who’s older than dirt and was last in handcuffs in er, 1968.

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