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Shock and Awe


I don’t admire their policies but ya gotta admire how the Republican Party plays their politics. They know their supporters. Cold. And they know how to find votes when they need them.
Vice President Dick Cheney’s “coming out” and telling the world about his gay daughter on the front page of the New York Times yesterday is a classic example. The states, says Cheney, should define marriage. That cracking noise you hear? It’s the gay vote splitting. The gay community is a whole lot more conservative that many realize; the only folks I know who want to get married, join the Army, or have kids are gay and Cheney’s aiming for them.

It’s a classic punt, a sop to moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats who support some kind of legal recognition of same sex unions that avoids using the word “marriage.” And it’s a nice follow to Lynne Cheney’s similar statement, the one made just before Congress tried – and failed – to pass a ban prohibiting the state from allowing same-sex unions. Some observers think Mrs. Cheney’s comments cut the rug out from under the ban. As anyone who knows their politics can tell you: fifty states with fifty definitions of marriage is a pescription for things to stay as they are now.
It’s an interesting move on the vice president’s part. If he’s trying to look more moderate to blunt what might be a hell of a intra-party wrangle next week, he’s not succeeding. At least not as far as I can tell. But, well, you can only see so far from where I sit. We’ll have to wait for BoiFromTroy to put down the football and tell us what he thinks.
Oh, and yes, I know it looks like my fearless prediction about Cheney pleading ill health and departing the scene was just – sigh – so much wishful thinking. But if he’s gonna go – and this week’s very droll New Yorker cover seems to be hinting he might – it’ll be soon.

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