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Reach Out and …Oh, Nevermind


Quietly, quietly, John Kerry’s “blog” has dropped its blog roll – its list of on-line writers sympathetic to the Democratic Party. As far as I can tell, the list was dropped just after the convention.
So, as of the weekend, the official site for the Democratic nominee carries no link to independent sites on the web discussing politics. It’s an interesting way to get on-line folks to participate in the political process, no? It didn’t cost Kerry anything to link to me or anyone else. It doesn’t cost me anything to link to Kerry but, as of this morning, that link’s coming down. The Democratic Party has been – how do I say this politely? – difficult, er obtuse, maybe? when it comes to getting support (financial and otherwise). And that was long before I let a Republican sound off on in this space (although…….).

Sigh. It’s just more evidence – as if we really needed any out here on the web, in California, in August – that the professional pols still don’t get this Internet thing.
Most of my readers are in California, the overwhelming majority have given to a political cause, they are mostly registered Democrats (with a large hunk of independents and women – hot swing voters this year) and they’re young – most below 40. You’d think politicians would want these folks to stay informed or, at a minimum in touch; Lord knows they ain’t reading newspapers or watching TV. But controlling the message by controlling the messenger is first thing you learn in politics. It’s going to be the last lesson to go.
Growing support on the web isn’t just about this election – in fact, it’s probably not about this election at all – but it can be done right (and I’d like to think that’s what’s going on here) be a way to encourage political interest for the future. And, ya know, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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