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Not So Pretty


Maybe it’s an attempt to keep things on an even keel, but Salon also has a piece on a real live honest-to-god protesting pain-in-the-ass Cheri Honkala and her plans to march in New York during the Republican National Convention.
The story contains this one chilling sentence, summing up the attitude that seems to be settling in in New York with the Republican Convention just about three week away:
It’s easy to see how people marching defiantly into a line of cops could get hurt.
Uh. Yeah. Between the terror alerts, the city dragging its heels on giving out permits, the beefed up spending for crowd control ($18 million says Salon) the talk within Lefty protest circles about “saving energy” for New York, free-floating anger and worry, the heat, the humidity and — oh, yeah, let’s not forget a police force that’s probably better able to remember Rudolph Guiliani’s law and order mayoralty and not the harsh images from the Lindsey Administration. New York could get ugly, very ugly.

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