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Category: Things I don’t care about
Genre: Politics
Species: Hijinks, Election Year

I don’t care about who served in the Vietnam War or how long he went or what he did while he was there. Kerry went. Bush didn’t. It was 30 year ago.
I don’t care about Teresa Heinz Kerry’s personality quirks. We all have them. So what?.

I have no interest in a debate on the definition of marriage. Generally speaking, it contains two people and they should get to say what it is and isn’t. Oddly enough, many of the gay people I know are better at it than the straights.
I don’t care if Arnold Schwarzenegger groped a bunch of women when he was working in Hollywood and I’m sort of over his weird sense of humor (see THK quirk reference earlier). I’m much more interested in whether or not he’s going to repeal all or part of Prop. 13 which would make it easier to fund programs that help women, often the folks living – with their kids – closest to the poverty line.
I’m tired of bad science. A couple of cells is not a life and if you know anything about human reproduction, you’d know that that same collection of cells that can generate stem cells are often sloughed off, in utero, naturally, and don’t make it to the next stage of development. And, for crying out loud, cell phone towers may be ugly but they don’t give off radiation – at least not the kind you’d find living next to a nuclear reactor. But mad cow disease is a real public safety threat.
Fajitagate: Enough already about the family Fagan and the San Francisco Police Force and their abusive and bad manners and sloppy drinking habits. The Fagans are emblematic of a police force in serious need of policing but they’re gone and Chief Heather Fong’s not.
The state of Kimberly Guilfoyle and Gavin Newsom’s marriage (see definition of marriage above). If they’re happy, they’ll stay married. If they’re not, they won’t. Oh, and for the record. You can not build an on-air TV career by staying in San Francisco. Ask Pete Wilson
Here’s what I do care about:
Electing a president with a coherent foreign policy that recognizes that our nation superiority is ebbing and which ties domestic economic issues to the way in which we look at the world, particularly Asia.
Getting the swaggering war-mongers scaredy cats Neocons run out of Washington, D.C. if not run out of the country to, er, France! Where the can spend time with elitist theorist who mock them for their naiveté.
Whether or not Pervez Musharraf – the prime minister of Pakistan and a man who is trying hard not just to stay alive but to serve many masters from many places. He is trying – hard – on all fronts. But I have a feeling it’s not going to last very long. And if you care about India and outsourcing and economic stability, that’s a big, big deal.
That Attorney General John Ashcroft retire. Not just from the AG’s job but from politics entirely.
The fight that moderate Republicans are waging for control of their party. A fight that, whether they realize it or not, is being led by Gov. Terminator himself. A similar scuffle is taking place in the Democratic Party between the corporate interests (winning, see how Kerry-Edwards is treating bloggers) and entrepreneurs.
Whether Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris can keep the momentum they have going as rising stars of the Democratic Party.

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