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Girl on Girl


If John Kerry and the rest of the Democrats don’t stop defending Teresa Heinz Kerry with this sort of “please excuse the talking dog” back-handed admission that she might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m going to blow a gasket.
THK gave a nice speech at the convention. It’s too bad she had to apologize for being having a big mouth and the intelligence to back it up. And yes, I realize that’s a sin in politics but for crying out loud, when does the 20th Century start around here? When women get the right to vote?

John Edwards doesn’t apologize for his wife, Elizabeth who’s just as mouthy and even more politically involved – but, then again, she’s not as sexy or as fabulously over-the-top rich – as THK. Coincidence? I don’t think so. When I’m 65 – should I ever admit to that age – I’d like to look that good, dammit. Another political sin – it confuses the boys in the press corp, dontcha know? Sigh.
Anyway, Laura Bush did a much better job defending Teresa Heinz Kerry’s smart remarks than the presidential nominee did. THK said at a rally the other day that Bush protesters yelling “Four More Years,” want “four more years of hell.”
She’s being a little bit patronizing but here’s what Laura Bush said, according to the New York Post:
“It’s not easy when your husband runs for president. I mean it’s not easy for me, I’m sure it’s not easy for her . . . It’s not easy to be heckled. You know, no one likes that. And so I, I can understand how her reactions would be like they were.”
Link courtesy of The Note.

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