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Dirty Pool


Here’s exactly how far I read in the New York Times story detailing the links between the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the Bush Administration:
Both Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Lonsdale had publicly lauded Mr. Kerry in the past. But the book, Mr. Brinkley’s “Tour of Duty,” while it burnished Mr. Kerry’s reputation, portrayed the two men as reckless leaders whose military approach had led to the deaths of countless sailors and innocent civilians. Several Swift boat veterans compared Mr. Hoffman to the bloodthirsty colonel in the film “Apocalypse Now,’’ – the one who loves the smell of Napalm in the morning.
The two men were determined to set the record, as they saw it, straight.

In other words, Hoffman and Lonsdale didn’t like what Kerry supporter Brinkley said about them. So they’re getting even. Oh, why do I think this is a case of the Harvard guys versus a bunch of guys who are pretty sure Cambridge is just a town in England?
Bob, one of the sensible young men over at Unfogged, which is fast becoming my second-favorite site on the web, have this whole thing down cold. The Swift Boat controversy is a head-fake for the Democrats. And every time someone on the Left – I’m talking to you, Josh Marshall – decides to take this silly overblown school-yard spat seriously, it’s another small step for the Bush folks. It makes politics an insider’s game that has nothing to do with the rest of us. After all, who really cares about a schoolyard spat? Right. The little kids involved and the teacher who has to wipe the bloody noses.
The Bush folks have played the politics on this one very well. The President’s use of the controversy to call for the end of ads taken out by organizations on behalf of candidates – ads like the ones made by the Swift Boat veterans and ads made by Move.on and others – plays well. It plays well because it’s calling for an end to dirty politics. Yeah, it’s hypocritical — they did it first, I know, and no, it’s not fair that the Democrats have to take a time out when the Republicans are lying and yes, your Mommy is going to be very angry — but, hey, it still works. And that’s politics.

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