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Copying Cats


The attempt to create a media/gossip culture in San Francisco that’s more sophisticated than what we’ve got and still informative never stops. The latest entry is Sfist, and well, I see trouble already.
The site – which is giving out a pronunciation guide, always a bad, bad sign for a name brand – “esss-effff-ist” will sound, to some of you kids, a little more like a sex act than a web site. Their coverage of the Folsom Street Fair – gets your chaps on, gentlemen! – should be er, up close and personal, no?

I don’t know about you but any site that holds the lovely and very talented Anil Dash up as a local celeb could um, could perhaps broaden its horizons past the Hudson River. “Who dat?” you say? Ah, grasshopper you are not wise in all things Silicon Alley But why should you be? It’s on the other side of the country.
Anil’s a great guy and his employer, San Mateo-based Six Apart is a marvelous company that makes a nice product (you’re reading what it helps produce) but I have a feeling most readers would be a lot more interested in knowing about the very nice funding Six Apart is about to announce rather than gushing over cute (and attached) Dash.
Sigh. Regardless, for those of you in the local publishing business – Paper, 7X7, Nob Hill Gazette, even yes, you SFMagazine, Chronicle Datebook — with lame or non-existent or passive web sites that do little more than sell your silly publications to an audience that left you years ago — the on-line entry of yet one more glossy, newsy, in-and-around-town social publication should serve as some kind of warning. A bottom-line kind of warning. Of course, you’re all so busy trying to figure out what to wear to the Opera Gala you’ve probably haven’t noticed. And while I don’t know about your ad sales folks but I’ll be watching to see what sort of local support SFist picks up.
Oh, and if the Gothamist crowd has arrived it’s just a matter of time before Rude and Naughty Nicky Denton and the Gawker folks open their own pop stand out here in the hinterlands.

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