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Channeling Matier & Ross


As a public service, since political referees Matier and Ross are on vacation, Politics From Left to Right is providing a few little insider tidbits to help you make it through the dog days of August.
Think that fight between the strippers, the cops, and the D.A’s office is over? Guess again. The San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women is gonna have a look at strippers’ working conditions. There’s a hearing set for Aug. 25. Could be an, er, eyeful.

Folks are still talking about the party GQ and Bay Area Democrats – no one talks about that co-sponsorship, do they? – threw for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. It seems that many – or most, depending on whom you talk to – of the California delegation to the convention couldn’t get in the door.
The strict admission policy — press, good looking women, and movie stars always get inside, the rest of you stand in line — had long-time supporters and at least one of the staff members hosting the event arguing with the sleek door blondes, trying to get inside. It’s pretty funny when you consider that the idea behind having a party like this is to, uh, promote your magazine with readers and potential advertisers. That’s not something pols understand.
Another little bit of DNC talk: Secretary of State Kevin Shelly was a little miffed to find that his regular end-of-convention lunch for the delegation was upstaged by an event for Newsom. It doesn’t matter now – Shelly’s in serious political trouble – but the competing scheduling raised a few eyebrows among more established SF pols.
And lastly, checked out the wording on the SFSOS email making the rounds? It’s not totally offensive.
The note says the ballot intiative to permit non-citizen voting in school elections is an “ballot measure to attempt to give illegal residents a vote” That’s not true. The measure applies to non-citizens and there are plenty of people in this city and this state who are legal residents and not citizens.
And talk about the pot calling the kettle black: “Their position on wanting illegal residents to vote does nothing for our schools, is a slap in the face of any naturalized immigrant citizen, and is political pandering at its worst,” says SFOS, neatly overlooking the fact that plenty of other jurisdictions are considering similar changes in the law.
The SFOS email also says that city attorneys have said the measure is clearly unconstitutional. Also not true, as Chron story on Supervisor Leland Yee’s support for the measure makes clear. There is debate on the measure’s constitutionality and Yee’s talked about that at some length.
Besides, there’s similar debate on the viability of gay marriage and you don’t’ see SFSOS screaming about that, now do you? Huh. Wonder why? Maybe because this focus here is entirely based on race and the prejudices that many Asian and white San Franciscans have toward Mexican-Americans? SFSOS is the same organization that invoked Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s name when it called for an end to the city’s court-ordered desegration plans. And here they are again, trying to incite the wrath of the city’s Asian community. Please, tell me, what’s really being achieved here?

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