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Herding Cats


Comedian and San Franciscan Robin Williams says he lives here because it’s one of the remaining human wildlife preserves. Amen, brother, amen.
This weekend, a young man in San Francisco, a young man who sleeps on a futon, keeps his computer on the floor of his bedroom and who gives interviews to local TV crews in his boxer shorts, got a lot of attention for creating a video that shows him being “beheaded.”
It’s a fake, of course. And now the young man – who was once one of 30 , that’s right thirty, three-zero – people saying they’re running for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, claims the “beheading” was a test to see how well the Internet works. Sure it was. Let’s not talk high tech. Let’s talk Frat House Tricks Gone Bad.
The young man, Ben Vanderford – who Craigslist says had a fundraiser back in April at the Pot Club – has taken down his “campaign web site. But don’t be fooled. San Francisco district elections are as much name-recognition contests as anything else so this dummy has a shot, now that he’s famous, at doing well in the November election. Only about 23,00 people actually vote in his district and well, let’s just say that Vanderford’s probably wasn’t the only Pot Club fundraiser.
You see what old fashioned Liberals living in San Francisco are up against? Lady Godiva impersonators, guys who pull beheading pranks, politicians who herd sheep at home and other silliness, too frequently occurring, to mention.
But, really, how could you live anywhere else?

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