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Guy on Girl


Argh. The THK hunt is on. Good thing Maureen Dowd is on vacation. We can’t be treated to a claws-in-the-velvet glove take down of Teresa Heinz Kerry by the lead cat in Big Media’s Political Babe Vetting Machine.
Today Mickey Kaus asks is Teresa becoming a problem?
Another white man heard from. So charming. So cute. Sooooo predictable. If only Ms Dowd were here to provide the greek chorus: Her hair! Her money! Her scarves! Her money! Her accent! Her money! Her loopiness! Her money!

We’re not electing Teresa Heinz Kerry to be president. We’re electing her husband, John Kerry. He seems to have managed to run his Senate office and his presidential campaign without her mucking things up too badly. So, Mickey, why don’t you go back – along with other right-thinking Democrats – to worry about Bob Shrum and his faux populism? That’s much more of a threat to Kerry’s possible victory than whether or not THK is a likeable speaker, whether she’s rude to reporters or whether “Americans are ready” for a sexy, 65-year-old millionairess to host state dinners at the White House. The answer: they probably are. The press corps, on the other hand, isn’t.
Judy Dean got hell for not campaigning. THK is getting hell for campaigning. Please. Which is it?

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