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What’s Left to Ask?


Speaking of the “bloody mess” that the November ballot is expected to be, it feels like it’s getting easier to talk about what’s not going to be included, rather than what is.
As of right now, there’s a good chance that the Candlestick Park renaming, the sale tax, and some budget issues might all go directly to the voters in the fall. That’s on top of the shopping list that’s being sent around from Sacramento. And let’s not forget the referendum on the Iraqi War. The Voter’s Guide is in danger of looking a lot like the phone book.

Now, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave themselves a big, honking pay raise last year. Even with the recently enacted cuts, all 11 – 11? Why? — of them are taking home $90,000 a year. That’s a decent wage – even in San Francisco. So, in return, shouldn’t they do something – Make a decision? Bite a bullet? Take a stand? Flip-flop?Reverse their stance on something? Anything? – rather than just saying they can’t decide and passing everything — even tax proposals — on to voters?
I voted in favor of the Supes getting paid more. I figured if they paid themselves decently, when they screwed up – by not doing anything besides cashing checks – questions about their job performance would have a lot more impact than if they were just a bunch of part-timers. Whaddya think? Is it working?

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