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I’ll be speaking at AlwaysOn, Tony Perkins conference in Palo Alto that already has the look and feel of a start-up launch party. I exaggerate. But not by much. I’m starting to get email from people who blew out of the valley in a big hurry last time around when things fell apart. Bubbles rely on cooperative enthusiasm; that we got in spades.
I’m going to be talking with TP, investor Peter Hirshberg, Technorati CEO Dave Sifry, author and former colleague Dan Gillmor and a Doc Searls (he’s stuck in the U.K) substitute to be named later about blogging — or, in my case, stand-alone journalism — and Big Media.
One of the topics up for discussion in this session on journalism and “blogging” is the business model for on-line publishing. And since this is all about self-promotion, let me take this opportunity to remind you that stand-alone journalism, for now, relies on the support of readers like you. Hit the PayPal button, why don’t you? They take credit cards. Or click here to learn about contribution opportunities. And yes, the prize offers continue.

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