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Back in May when I outlined the scenario under which Vice President Dick Cheney would be replaced, people said I was crazy.
Well. Who’s nutty now? Moderate Republicans are on the war path – they want their party back – that’s what all this ‘dump Cheney’ stuff is about. I still think it could happen, particularly since the New York Times played its Cheney-replacement story on the front page, just barely above the fold. That’s a subtle sign they, too, think it’s possible something about the ticket could change.
Other stuff worth reading and thinking about this weekend:

Friend, supporter, conference organizer, web logger, and new media girl-on-the-go Sue Mernit has some interesting and provocative observations about ways Big Media and on-line writers and tech gurus can team up to cover the political conventions. I generally steer away from conversations about journalism and what it means – unless you’re another journalist – but Mernit’s got some interesting ideas.
From the other side of the fence, The New York Observer let screenwriting Bruce Feirstein loose in L.A. a few months ago and he reports back that the movie business (which is also the TV syndication business, the backbone of all TV) is run by a bunch of folks who are both clueless and scared. It’s a great look at an industry on the verge of collapse for technical reasons that it refuses to understand and you fans of disintermediation can substitute almost any other advertising-revenue supported industry (magazines and newspapers) for the movie biz and come to similar conclusions.
And completely unrelated to any of these subjects, Dan Savage, the sex and love-live advice columnist writes a great piece on the state of modern marriage for Salon. Savage doesn’t get directly at my point about partners and equal legal standing but it’s just a wonderful essay.

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