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Good for the Gander….


Every once in a while, its worth remembering that the laws that make San Francisco a haven for gay people are the same laws that break new ground in giving straight women legal – and sometimes social – parity with men.
D.A. Kamala Harris probably didn’t have such high-mindedness on the brain when she decided not to take up the prostitution busts than an eager SFPD had made at the strip clubs on Broadway. The problem with busting prostitutes is that, very often, it’s the victim who gets arrested. Yes, there are a lot of sex workers who are happy and proud of what they do – okay, I’m willing to concede that point – but it’s not universal and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

For a indication, how quickly the issue can move back and forth — or how a police-department friendly plant can backfire — check out the way M&R changed their tone between their column Monday, all but making fun of Harris, and Tuesday’s piece. In the second column, the boys note that many of the city’s gay clubs have uh, called City Hall inquiring about their legal situations. Is the SFPD going to start applying the law – once used to closed down clubs like this in mass sweeps of the city’s gay bars – with vigor? Because you really can’t discriminate on this sort of stuff.
Granted, it’s not the social and sexual parity that every woman might seek. But the idea here – that people have the rights to their own sex lives – is one that’s steadily gaining protected under the law because of the fight gay men and women are waging.

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