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Do It. It’ll Backfire


This not-so-cockamamie idea — it’s gotten endorsed by Assemblyman Leland Yee — San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez has to allow non-citizens to vote in the city’s school board elections might have some interesting ramifications.
One of which could be the ejection of the Green Party from city politics.

In New York, where talk of letting non-citizens vote in school elections has also made the rounds, the city’s immigrant community isn’t exactly on board with the local schools system. Bilingual education? Bah. These folks want their kids to learn English. Unaccented, clear English. That is, after all, one of the main reasons they immigrated. Says the Times:
The foes of bilingual education, at least as practiced in New York, are not Eurocentric nativists but Spanish-speaking immigrants who struggled to reach the United States and struggle still at low-wage jobs to stay here so that their children can acquire and rise with an American education, very much including fluency in English.
Just think. If San Francisco’s school board were elected by the very people whose children are actually in the schools – that’s Yee’s point – the feel-good Greens on the board might find themselves as out-of-touch with their constituents as the folks in New York. The school board race is often a first-step in local politics and while Gonzalez might think that his near-the-border connections give him some sense of how newly arrived residents with children in public schools might vote, here’s betting he’s dead wrong. The man who has done so much to destroy the credibility of the city’s self-styled “Progressive” causes might finally have found a way to take his part out of business.
Link courtesy of Mickey Kaus who undoubtedly hates this whole idea.

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