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Convention Odds ‘N Ends


I’m not in Boston. No, I’m enjoying the heat and humidity of Washington, D.C. But plenty of other folks – wired and not – have crowded into the Fleet Center to see how real reporters do their jobs.
Bloggers are already acting like Big Media by complaining about the set-up. You know, pile-ons, (more crudely known as gang bangs) where every national media outlet sends someone are always crummy. Reporters are always bitching and moaning about something.

Meanwhile, Dave Winer is excited. Micah Sifry is hanging with brother Dave and Wonkette — a girl in a hurry if I ever saw one and, yes indeed, you can call that peer review — is giving interviews about being both an MTV star and a “blogger.” My my. The originality never stops, does it? Well, sometimes you get a break: California Controller Steve Westly is trying to have it both ways as a “blogger” and a convention delegate.
The most interesting story of the day was buried deep in the Washington Post. SEIU Chief Andy Stern says losing this election might not be such a bad thing for Democrats. I’m not ready to go that far; but, as I said yesterday and the day before, the party needs to take a hard look at where it’s going.
Stern — who as SEIU head endorsed Howard Dean — is proving to be one of the more insightful voices out there. Check out the speech he gave last month in San Francisco. Given the union’s strength in California, pols in the state should pay attention to Stern. He’s got one of the few unions that’s gaining members. And he is one of the few Democrats worry about those who have been left behind.
Tonight’s highlights: Ron Reagan and Barack Obama.
And later in the week, I’m hoping to add another voice to the site. Bill Whalen, a frequent commentator on California and national politics, is going to write about John Kerry and John Edwards’ acceptance speeches. Whalen, as some of you probably know is a real, live, honest-to-God Republican – he’s at Hoover! He worked for Pete Wilson! – and I think he’ll have more interesting stuff to say about Democrats than I would. You know, careful criticism from the other side: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

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