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To grandstand or not to grandstand, it seems, is the eternal question down at San Francisco City Hall.
Whether San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly will nobly decide to go along with the rest of the board tomorrow and vote in favor of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s budget and suffer the slings and arrows of the San Francisco Bay Guardian or whether he will oppose them and urge a tax increase on the city’s businesses, is the drama du jour.

Opinion is divided. And enough of Daly’s fellow supervisors dislike Newsom’s budget to make it difficult to tell if the board’s hothead in residence will blow a gasket just, well, just because. Outside City Hall, the city spending plan, which increase the city’s sales tax and makes limited liability corporations – law firms, hedge funds – pay the city’s payroll tax, gets lukewarm reviews. They’ll bite the bullet but they don’t like it.
The alternatives? Daly’s proposal would increase the city’s gross receipts tax but leave the LLCs alone. And he’s not the only one with a proposal: Supervisor Tom Ammiano has his own version. The board’s finance committee — of which Daly is a member — is expected to decide on the final version of the budget today and pass on its recommendations to the full board which will meet tomorrow.
And it’s almost impossible to tell what’s going to happen. Ammiano and Board President Matt Gonzalez are on the outs over the last mayor’s race and Ammiano’s re-election campaign. Gonzalez and Daly, of course, are buddies at arms in their never-ending nostalgia for “progressive” causes. And, it seems, they might once again be able to count on Supervisor Tony Hall – a man whose usually got more conservative politics unless it means he can do a little grandstanding of his own. Who really gets squeezed? Supervisors Geraldo Sandoval and Jake McGoldrick, both facing re-election in races considered to be competitive.

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