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Bomb Away!


The continued miscommunication between the East and West Coasts took a somewhat comic turn over the weekend. That’s humorous, of course, if you specialize (guilty!) in sardonic humor.
A bunch of Lefties from the Bay Area – philanthropists Deborah Rappaport and Laureen Powell Jobs, restauranteur Alice Waters and a woman The Chron identifies as “Amy Harmon” – want to rent a billboard in New York’s Times Square. (Oh, and Leah, that’s probably not Amy Harmon, who is a writer for the New York Times; more likely you mean Amy Rao, a big supporter of Howard Dean’s presidential bid).
UPDATE:Oh, kettle, I am black, black, black as coal.
Amy Harmon writes in from Berkeley to say, yes, she exists and that she’s not Amy Rao. Although they are good friends. Oh well. Close. No cigar, though.

They’ve got the cash, no question about that. And they’ve got a message: “Democracy is best taught by example, not by war” to hang over the Marriott Marquis.
Unfortunately, they’ve also got a uh, (understandable) lack of sympathy for the sensitivities of New Yorkers. The billboard was originally expected to have a picture of a lit, red white and blue bomb accompanying the slogan. It’s a cute idea anywhere but in Manhattan where it is perfectly possible to walk down the street and have someone – a rational someone – point out that the panel van parked at the corner could be loaded with explosives. Let’s just say they’ve been a little jumpy since 9/11 and sardonic humor comes in handy.
So the billboard company – ClearChannel – has said no. Meanwhile, the West Coasters are going back to something a little less controversial: a dove.
Peace be with you.

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