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Talk of Republicans changing vice presidents in mid-stream is making the rounds. The boys at Unfogged put their version up yesterday. Everybody agrees that Cheney’s health is a good excuse. The FogHeads like Condi, not Colin. But even Deb Saunders – who holds down the moderate to conservative corner at the Chron – thinks Cheney oughta go. It’s more of a problem now that John Edwards really is John Kerry’s running mate. What’s Cheney going to do? Refuse to debate? Stand there and say “Go Fuck Yourself”? every time Edwards says something about Haliburton? Or the CIA? Or those elusive weapons of mass destruction? Or Neocons? Or out-sourcing? If Edwards has to debate Colin Powell, however, he’d have a much tougher fight on his hands. Among other things, Powell and Kerry supported the Iraqi War.
UPDATE: Former Senator Al D’Amato agrees with my logic — spelled out in late May — on replacing Cheney with Powell. If it happens, well, ummmm, that subscription I keep hounding you about is going to look like a bargain, no?

eWeek, the fabulously popular tech site has asked me to write a political column for them and it debuts tomorrow with a look at Joe Trippi’s new book, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, The Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything.” Let’s just say that Trippi talking live about politics — and he does a great job of breaking down the mechanics of how presidential campaigns work, which makes him invaluable for tech folks — is a whole lot more interesting than Trippi on paper talking about how the Internet changes everything.
Trippi’s going to show up next week at Tony Perkins’ AlwaysOn conference. And whaddya know, I’ll be there, too on a panel that features Technorati CEO David Sifry(brother of Micah, who you remember from the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC), celeb Tech Bloggers Dan Gillmor and Doc Searls, along with sacrificial lamb, Wired ME Blaise Zerenga. Investor and general guy-in-the-know Peter Hirshberg as well, of course, as TP himself, will moderate. See you there!
Oh, and since Democrats are starting to feel a little optimistic – and as a balance to the worst-case victory scenario the Republicans are floating – take a look at Marty Nolan’s (no relation although I was once asked if I was his daughter) column on John Kerry. Nolan, a long-time Boston Globe reporter had a lot of smart stuff to say about Kerry and, as the Democratic campaign has gone on, he’s proving to be somewhat prescient. Kerry is a tougher campaigner than many – me included – had thought. Nolan’s piece seems better and better.

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