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Our fabulously successful reader survey has produced three winners who were selected by random (numbers were selected and sent in via IM) by a friend of the publisher.
Alexis Gonzales who is going to Incanto here in San Francisco for dinner. Enjoy!

Guy Platt is getting a “Justly Married” special edition poster commemorating San Francisco’s weekend of gay marriage madness, signed by the artist Derek Powazek.
Karen Wickre, who works at Google (see randomness notation in the first paragraph ) also gets a poster.
I’m headed off to the post office right now so you folks should have your loot in a day or so.
Thanks again for helping us out. If all goes well, we’ll start running ads over the weekend. It’s going to be an enormous help keeping the site going and we – me and the guys at LocalMagic – couldn’t do it without you.
And if you wanna buy an ad, you know where to come. We offer low rates, a readership that includes women and swing voters, and, for you folks running for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, a special local rate.

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