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Too Darn Hot


Except for the weather, a toasty 80 degrees yesterday — San Francisco’s back to normal. So of course a naked woman – the Lady Godiva of affordable city housing? Someone not quite right in the head? A prankster? All of the above? — shows up in City Hall in the middle of a Board of Supervisor’s meeting on, er, a hotly contested housing bond issue headed to the November ballot.

Lady G managed to escape (or get dressed in time to fool the guards who, being men, well, you just know how that goes) stood bare nekkid before the supes and asked “Aren’t you going to arrest me? Aren’t you going to arrest me?” until, well, she got more attention. Then she ran out.
“It was wonderful. She was very attractive,” said one member of the audience. He was paying enough attention to stress that Lady G was a “natural” brunette. The drapes matched the carpet, so to speak. Halfway through today’s column, The Chron’s Matier and Ross offer the official version of Lady Godiva’s appearance, offering a happily nonplussed Supervisor Aaron Peskin the last word.
The hearing with the visitor’s appearance has been captured on tape and if this SFGTV schedule holds, it’ll be shown on the web this evening at 9 p.m. You can also try the board’s video archive – under Finance Committee, June 15th.
And don’t say we never did you guys any favors, okay?
UPDATE: The always invaluable Alex Clemens has the right link. Alex has a way with the ladies, dontcha know.

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