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The Campaign That Knew How


San Francisco political consultant Jim Ross has written a brief and informative run-down of how San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom won. It is as clear a model as we’re likely to get for the on-line voting campaign of the future so some attention is warranted.

Ross runs down the strategy and the numbers very nicely. It’s not rocket science. It’s hard work. And it’s also a map for how to run a campaign in these times: In a city with harshly polarized politics, with a large group of satisfied upper middle class folks who don’t feel a compelling need to vote.
Here are some of Ross’ stats:
In the end the numbers from the Newsom campaign are impressive:
• 89,000 identified Newsom supporters
• 19,000 vote-by-mail applications
• 1500 volunteers
• An 8.79% increase in turnout from the November election (45.67%) to the December election (54.46%)
And the most important number, Gavin Newsom won the election with a 5% margin or 14,000 votes, 52.81% to 47.19%.

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