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Survey Says….


Haven’t taken our reader survey have you? Hmmmmm. Why’s that? Got a problem winning prizes? Think I’m going to sell your email address or otherwise bug you?
Wrong. Yes, I know there are technical problems with the survey software – it doesn’t work on Apple’s Safari browser – but the rest of you have no excuse (besides, most Macs come with Explorer installed). Click on that button over there on the right and answer a few quick questions. I’ll be very grateful.
But gratitude isn’t all. You can win a chance for a fabulous $50 gift certificate to Incanto here in San Francisco (it’s a good restaurant and if you could see my waistline you’d know I know what I’m talking about). Or a cool, specially printed and signed poster commemorating San Francisco’s gay marriage madness.
Thanks. We’ll stop bugging you soon. But the more you click and respond – yes, you – the faster that day will come.

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