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Still The Boss


You know, Bruce, maybe you better take this Giant’s stadium thing seriously. Today’s New York Times story says that in Newark, N.J., they don’t know you from The Boss. I feel like my grandma: Old. And white.
So, given what the Times says about your audience, this long-standing offer to help rock the vote is looking, well, honestly, it’s looking like a good idea even if the wire service screwed up the details when they repeated the rumor. No one’s saying this will be free. Nope, this is a fundraiser for the Democrats oh, yeah, and it’s chance to have fun in New Jersey while Republicans take over New York.

This Giants Stadium idea has the power of the Internet behind it. A whole new demographic! And maybe it’s time you sort of got out there and buffed up your image. Sing “Fire” with Beyonce instead of Patti Smith. “Born to Run” with the Internet-savvy Jay-Z. Get Mary J – that sister can sing – to help out with “Candy’s Room.”
Yup. There are lots of better offers than (friend of this ‘blog and ‘blogger) Andrew Rasiej’s offer to go up against the coronation, er I mean, nomination in New York City of George W. Bush on Sept. 1. You could help ACT with their series of planned concerts. And yeah, there’s that gig MoveOn wants to do in Central Park (yeah, as if Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican, needs MoveOn). Or you could help Jan with his soon-to-be-rescheduled gig, the one that got cancelled last week on account of Reagan.
But think of the Garden State, Bruce. You might not, as the Times so delicately put it, still be an icon. But you’re hardly a fossil.
UPDATE: I have company on this Springsteen stuff, political consultant and web logger Bob Brigham who tops off the NYTimes with a little sexual politics.
Although, Bob, uh, when a story’s wrong — compare my post to the Daily News piece you’ve got up and you’ll see some differences — repeating it isn’t called “following up.” It’s upping after another not-so-nice verb. And what’s with this “Bay to Beltway Stuff?” You hear an echo?

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