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Really and Truly. It’s You.


I’m serious about this survey stuff. Less than a minute of your time and – gasp – you could win fabulous prizes! Posters! Food!
It’s for a good cause: The continued good health of this web log. See the button over there on the right? Click it. I swear you’ll know all the answers to the questions. And we’ll keep any information you give us between us. That’s a promise.
I know I’m badgering you. I’m good at it, too, aren’t I? Think how easy it is to make me stop.
Oh, and if you’d like to buy an ad, talk to the good folks at LocalMagic, our publishing support. We offer reasonable rates, quality service and well, lots of politically savvy, smart and well-off readers. If you’re running a political campaign we can help you out.

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