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Mystery Solved; Godiva Talks. Maybe Too Much


Lady Godiva, the original, rode through the streets of Conventry naked as a protest. And the modern day version who appeared briefly at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ meeting last week had something similar in mind.

As far as I’m concerned anyone who’s got the chops, er, nerve to appear naked in public can have her say. Here’s Godiva – Katrina Morrow’s – letter to Supervisor Aaron Peskin:
Dear Aaron,
I’m sorry that I did not get my statement out completely the way I wanted to, in front of the board last Tuesday Morning. I just wanted to remind the board members that women are oppressed by government, media and propaganda, and with my nudity I wanted to use it as a force, or as an extraordinary power (at that incident) to roll back the present scene of the local government of the committee hearing that morning. I don’t think I moved the aura of the room an inch, but I’m sure I got real human eyes rolling towards my natural nudity at an unexpected time, and that was the power I was trying to use to help my statement; and against government, and all the politicians that are leveled with the government and it’s unfair, and abrasive power; that is a great divide between it and the people.
Also, besides that common statement I was trying to make, I was thinking about the injustice of Chandra Levy’s murder, and the circumstances that led her to being murdered. And the circumstances were; a man in a position of government power and taking advantage and using a young naive women, who could have made it without her involvement with this politician, a money and power leveled man in government.
Can you please be an active voice for the justice of women oppressed by the media, government and propaganda, and can you please remember how particular women have been exploited by the press because of their involvement with politicians?
Thank you for your time,
Katrina Morrow

Mission accomplished, Ms. Morrow.
But wait a minute? Is this the same Katrina Morrow who talked to the Chronicle about former mayoral candidate, Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez’s announcement that he was retiring from the board? Why do I think it is? And, uh, this is getting kind of interesting, isn’t it?
“I think he’s like a male, tan swan,” said Katrina Morrow, a 25-year-old Mission District resident who has written two poems and an essay about Gonzalez, one since the election. “Swans are mythical, and stubborn and independent. And he’s all of those things. That’s what gives him his charisma.
“I see him in the bookstore sometimes. He’s just a regular guy. I see him down in the Mission all the time, just hanging out,” Morrow said. “You’d never see Newsom down here.”

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