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Moderation in Some New Things


The New York Times’ magazine interview with Ronald Reagan Jr., in which he declares himself an atheist and sharply criticize the Bush Administration — on personal deportment and political philosophy — is well worth you time and attention. Clearly, he’s trying to move the Republican Party in a more moderate direction and, if he’s not speaking for his mother, he is almost certainly speaking with her approval and consent.

Reagan says not running for office. Hmmmm. Go get the salt-shaker. The Times interview follows a very charming sit-down with – this is pretty amazing – Hardball’s Chris Matthews, not exactly a uh, ingratiating interviewer. Well versed in the power of TV and media-savvy about the venues he’s picked to air his views, Reagan could just be looking for a better TV gig than the one’s he’s got at MSNBC. He could, honestly, just think the Bush folks are schmucks. But, well, he’s making sense and he’s both sincere and direct in how he’s doing it.
Oh, and along the same lines, take a look at this little bit of capitulation. Gov. Terminator – oh, I so hope he takes Democrat Maria Shriver up there on stage with him – gets to speak at the Republican National Convention in prime time. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Schwarzenegger says it over here to The New York Times and it comes out over there. Interesting, no?

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