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Equal Time Wasted


San Francisco Police Officer Jeffrey Chang writes into the Ex to contest some of the observations made earlier in the week by Alameda D.A. Patrick Mattimore.
And whaddyaknow, Chang takes the cheap shot. He can’t wait, either. It’s his second paragraph:

Mattimore was once an Alameda County prosecutor. So what? He wore a suit, worked Mondays through Fridays — excluding holidays– from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening and did his job inside a building in an enclosed environment. If Mattimore thinks investigating and bringing sufficient evidence to trial is so easy, I challenge him to go walk a beat, respond to a volatile crime scene, and develop potential hostile witnesses who adamantly refuse to get involved.
Good. Real good. You boys keep up the self-pity. I had a big hanky around here somewhere. Where’d I put it?

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