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Eye Strain


Get out your reading glasses. Even if you don’t wear ‘em. By the time you’re finished with the November ballot, you’ll be seeing double, if not triple. There’s the presidential election, a bunch of state offices, a U.S. Senate race, and a loonnnnnng list of state and city ballot initiatives.
Dan Weintraub runs down a list of the ballot initiatives that have been certified at the state level. This is ‘clip and save’ territory — you’re not likely to get such sharp descriptoins of the ballot line-up anywhere else.
And here in San Francisco, we’ll get to vote on the Iraq War! Like that’s going to lose? In San Francisco? I mean really. The slightly more pressing — not to mention realistic — needs imposed by the city budget and housing bond? Well…finally, some progress. A compromise housing bond — $200 million — has been approved for the ballot.

And they say — I say, fool that I am — that city politics are getting moderate.

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