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Back on the Block


Things must be picking up. The New York Times says they are. So does CEO Marc Benioff – or he will, once he can speak again. And The Chron says Northern California’s back on track.
The Times, in a nod to our sensibility, even use that cute 2.0 joke everyone uses. How hip. How cool. How with it. Man. Where are the keys to the way back machine?
Times reporter Gary Rivlin – he’s back, too, you know – rounds up all the usual barometers: Traffic, jobs, vacancies etc., and finds things slowly improving. Only economist Steve Levy – probably the only guy worth listening to on California economics – sounds a dismal note. Too many jobs are left to be replaced, he says. But, honestly, no one really wants all those people back. As former venture capitalist, now blogging mogul-in-the-making Andrew Anker hints in his conversations with Rivlin: Silicon Valley measures success one IPO at a time. And right now, they’re lining up.

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