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Normally, I don’t post over the weekends and even with President Reagan’s death it’ll be light going here for the next few days.
I’ll be busy but you watch the funeral to see how Nancy Reagan treats the Bush family in relation to the Schwarzenegger family; yes, it’s cynical but every politician in the country will be watching and you should, too. This is an election year and if, like me, you hold that Nancy Reagan served as our 40th president (or, like Hillary Clinton as our unelected vice president) then, well, how she manipulates the symbols of the office she once shared with her husband is very important for national and California politics. Read anything and everything you see by Lou Cannon; he’s the expert here.

Me? I’m off to San Diego to hang around with a bunch of important high-tech types at “D – All things Digital” the Wall Street Journal conference run by columnists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. D isn’t really a political conference and it’s usually off-the-record so it’s unlikely I’ll have much to say on what goes on there while I’m there.
While I’m gone, do me a favor, will you? Fill out the reader survey over there on the right. Here’s a reminder on prizes and other stuff you can win if you just answer a few easy questions. I got the special edition “Justly Married” posters in the mail Friday and they look great. Nice paper, good quality print – a lovely atmospheric take on that rainy and historic Valentine’s Day weekend when gay folks started getting married here in San Francisco. A chance to win one of two specially signed copies is well worth 30 seconds of your time to answer the survey. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the Incanto gift certificate. $50! That’s a nice bottle of wine and Incanto co-owner Mark Pastore’s got a cellar full of ‘em.
And, well, you might as well read it here first. I’m somewhat chagrined to announce that my name is up in uh, up on a billboard with two naked Asian guys. Supposedly it was my idea – I don’t know what came over me – for co-founders James Hong and Jim Young to pose with two strategically placed laptops to advertise their (cough, cough) “dating service.” By way of thanks at the bottom of their billboard at Folsom and Main Streets here in San Francisco – you can just barely see it in this photo of the billboard that Jim put up at Hotornot’s sister site, (which really doesn’t stand for “Yet Another Friendster Rip Off,” I swear). Down there in the lower left hand (where else?) corner, it says “Chris Nolan rocks.”
I’m afraid I can’t disagree.

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