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That Was Then


With this post, I am hereby renouncing officially, completely, and entirely, the position of “queen of valley gossip,” given to me most recently by the lovely and kind Om Malik. We were in the ‘way ‘back’ machine last night at a party for Blogger’s relaunch, the details of which Om provides on his ‘blog.

I don’t do parties. Unless they’re political. Not any more.
I now pass to Malik, who has auditioned for the job nicely, I think, the party coverage and miscellaneous chat, gossip and personality dish gig. He is now your official Chronicler of High Tech Festivities. You’ll have to ask him if that’s “gossip.”
I’ve moved on. If you’re here from Om’s site. Hang around. It’ll be just as much fun this time around. Just different.
And take the reader survey! You can win a gift certificate for dinner! Or a cool poster. Here’s some info.

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