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That Sinking Feeling


Here are the scariest three words I’ve heard a journalist utter in some time.
“More to come.”
It’s what The New Yorker’s Sy Hersh, the guy who broke the Iraqi prison torture story said to Charlie Rose Monday night.
On Wednesday morning, The New York Times said 10 deaths, Iraqi and Afghani prisoner deaths, were under investigation because they may have involved further misconduct. By sundown, the number had increased to 14.
On Monday, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was parsing the difference between “abuse” and “torture.” By Wednesday evening he’d been reprimanded by his commander in chief.
And there’s more to come? I thought we were in trouble back in February. But it’s gotten worse. More to come?
This is an administration that doesn’t like to acknowledge indecision, reassessment or reconsideration. Yet, it seems to be actively doing all of those things and doing them quickly. That tells me more and worries me more than Sy Hersh’s throw-away line to Charlie Rose. It sends chills down my spine.
This war was wrong, wrong, wrong. It was a deliberate and conscious and cynical effort that manipulated the emotional need for vengence created by the World Trade Center into an excuse to bomb a menacing but weakened state that just happened to be part of the same culture. It’s as if we bombed China in relatiation for Pearl Harbor.
Preying on the shock and fear and anger generated by Sept. 11, the Bush Administration has never told the truth about this war. They lied about Iraq and nuclear weapons. They lied about the biological and other weapons of mass destruction. They lied about the cost of the war. About its “ending,” about its purpose. They lied to their allies. They lied to the U.N. Why, oh, why, do we think they’re changing their tactics now?
Oh, there’s more to come. Much more.

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