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Stay A While


I thought gay marriage was good for business. It rocketed our numbers. But Frank’s put us through the roof. Welcome. Pull up a chair. Stay a while. For now, the topic of the day is Frank Quattrone but if you’re interested in the trial and its sad outcome, you might be interested other stuff I’m writing about: the intersection of politics and business, is one part of this ‘blog’s regular beat. How San Francisco is being changed by the culture of the self-employed is another. And, naturally, Gov. Terminator, the businessman’s politician figures large in our commentary.
To make things easy for newcomers, here’s the archive of all the straight dead-tree (newspaper) reporting I’ve done on this stuff, starting with the very very very very first – okay, I’m blushing – “friend of Frank” story that ran on Jan. 11, 2001.
Here’s the first “clean up those files” story from Jan. 30, 2003. Both pieces ran in the New York Post. The straight trial coverage from last fall also ran in the Post and has been integrated into the posts I did to the site from the trial.
I wasn’t in New York for Quatrone 2.0. But I sat through the whole first trial. And, yes, I’m pretty sure Quattrone was the first criminal defendant to get ‘blogged’ which, in its own way, is appropriate.
We’re going back to normal programming tomorrow. That’s probably going to include a look at how Gov. Terminators’ status is changing. Todays’ New York Times acknowledges that he’s a pretty good governor and compares his approach to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s. If you’d been reading this ‘blog you’d know that. And there’s some stuff to say about Democratic nominee John Kerry’s economic plan. Like Schwarzenegger, he’s called on Warren Buffett. There’s more. But I’ll keep the surprises to myself.
Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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