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Something Happenin’ Here Con’t.


This web log has a few rules.
One of them is that I don’t post unless I’ve got something to say. And these days, well, apart from repeating my disgust with the situation in Iraq, I don’t have anything new to say. And least nothing I’m ready to publish.

There’s some other stuff out there – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s deals with the state university system and the cities, San Franciso Mayor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney Kamala Harris’ frustration with their party leadership and the general pick-up in the local economy. It’s stuff you already know from reading this ‘blog.
We know Schwarzenegger is ignoring the legislature. Why? Because he can. Newsom and Harris are staking out new ground for their party and they’re getting ignored. Why? Because Democrats are restive and undecided and after eight years in the White House and the leadership of one unbelievably talented and selfish president, they’ve gone soft in the head. And the local job situation is picking up? Why because Silicon Valley is waking up from its hibernation.
More. Later. Really.

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