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Guilty. On All Counts.


Frank Quattrone has been found guilty of all charges against him. Silicon Valley will never be the same. It now realizes it must conduct its business just like everyone else.

The jury interviews are taking place as I type. I’m gonna guess here – I can, I’m a blogger – but I’ll bet the software developer in the crowd was able to bridge the technology gap that was so apparent during the last trial.
Yup. Quattrone got a lot of mail. But for many, many people in Silicon Valley, email is a conversation. It’s no different from being stopped in the hallway and asked for a quick decision or comment. That’s not something folks on the East Coast understand. They seem – and I have some experience with this – to treat email as a kind of bulletin board. They receive it, they read it, they consider the information. Writing back? Oh, they’re sooooo busy. They get sooooo much mail.
Frank will be sentenced in September. If memory serves – reporters had figured out the permutations last time around – he’s up for at least 24 months. That’s jail time, folks.
Silicon Valley meet New York. New York, oh, nevermind.
Here, by the way, is the story that got it all started. It ran in the New York Post on Jan. 30, 2003.

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