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Going to the Mountain


A couple of months ago, I complained that the Digital Democracy Teach-In was the sound of geeks grokking politics, and not much more. Well, someone’s some along to answer my complaints.
The Personal Democracy Forum organized by some of what – if this thing is a roaring success – we’ll some day call the ‘usual suspects.’ The idea is to talk about the intersection of politics and technology. Only it’s not just pols or geeks. And they’re gonna have some real live political journalist. Even – moi – a political blogger. Kewl, huh?
I’m going to be the shy quiet one on the “Bloggers, Journalists and Politicians” panel moderated by Technorati Dave Sifry’s brother, Micah, with (among others) Jeff Jarvis, Arianna Huffington, Eric Alterman and Jason Calacanis.

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