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Let Freedom Ring


Let’s say you get invited to your cousin’s wedding way down there in West Texas where the men are men and most of ‘em carry guns. And let’s say you and the boys have a few and get kinda excited, this being a wedding and all. And let say someone gets the hair-brained but not exactly original idea to start letting off a few rounds. Nothing too unusual about that.

But let’s also say that part of West Texas is under observation by — oh, pick someone, the Mexican Army? – and let’s say that Army mistakes your and your friends gunfire for a hostile attack and decides to retaliate because, well, it can. And that wedding is now a funeral.
We can’t speak their language, we can’t fathom their culture – unless it’s to torture and humiliate their men — and now we’re shooting their women and children. And we call them terrorists?
That’s great. Just great.
POINTERS: Britt Blaser and Doc Searls continue their conversation about terrorism and Doc works his way even further into my good graces by citing Hannah Arendt.
Kevin Drum and Dan Drezner have some stuff about polling — yes, the U.S. polls during a war, go figure — of Iraqis. Let’s just say they didn’t like us two months ago. You can imagine how they feel now.

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